Statistics Damage SUBMARINES

117 - "Pike"

The Diesel-electric submarine from composition of the Pacific fleet perished supposedly 15 or December 16 1952 in Japanese sea. Last S-117 left on relationship during military teachings, she continued the manoeuvre when functioning(working) only one left engine. As variant of the reason of the catastrophe - a collision with motor ship "Gornozavodsk". The Submarine to date is not discovered and reasons ee ruins remained unknown.

M-200 - "Revenge"

XV serieses from composition 157-y separate crew of the submarines of the Baltic fleet perished the November 21 1956 in Suurupskom strait Baltic epidemic deathes. In total collisions with destroyers "Statuesque", boat M-200 has finished its history. On completion of the investigation circumstance to ruins M-200 captain SHumanin and commander "Statuesque" Savchuk, have got on three years of the camps.


The Diesel submarine of the project 615 from composition of the Baltic fleet on September 26 1957 in Tallinnskom bay Baltic epidemic deathes. The Reason to ruins of the boat was a fire, caused breach to hermeticities of the strong body, led to arrival outboard water. From 35 sailors, turned out to be in wind of gale force sea, rescue to manage only семерых.

So much for submarine S-80. She was main in serieses of the project 613. S-80 was built at the factory 'Red Sormovo' in city Bitter. In formation has entered in 1956.
The Missile diesel-electric submarine from composition of the North fleet drown January 27 1961 in the Barents. the January 27 boat was ruined below periscopes of the depth that has brought about overflow mines RDP (functioning(working) the diesel under water). The Submarine has carried away with itself in depths epidemic deathes 68 crew members.

K-19 - "Hiroshima"

The Atomic submarine of the project 658. The First damage on boat has occurred the July 4 1961, during large-scale teachings - "Arctic circle". The Base of the wreckage has served the sharp fall of the pressure of water and level of the volume in compensator of the first sidebar of the system of the cooling the reactor. 65 sailors were an evacuee, got maximum dose of the irradiation (from 5000 before 6000 бэр) have died for week.

The Second damage has occurred the November 15 1969, when boat was found on scholastic firing range in White sea, perfected the put(deliver)ed problems. At completion of the manoeuvre on depth K-19 faced the american atomic boat "Getou", which wanted to release the torpedo, but was is in time stopped by command.

The Following test fate has prepared for sailor K-19 February 24 1972. For half an hour before ascent on boat has occurred inflammation, as a result of hits on разогретую surface of the filter of the butter from forfeited hermeticity of the pipe line of the high pressure of hydraulics control. A Part of crew was an evacuee, perished 28 persons.


The Diesel submarine of the project 641 from composition of the North fleet perished the January 11 1962. The Damage has resulted from blast ammunition in torpedo compartment. The Whole crew immediately to perished as a result of influences of the shock wave and poisoning gaseous product blast.


The Atomic submarine of the project 627 from composition 1-y fleets of the atomic submarines Krasnoznamennogo North fleet. the September 8 1967 boats has got the order to follow in the base. The Catastrophe has occurred because of fire, command immediately not even has understood, has whence entered the warning signal. The Conclusion of the stolichny commission was unambiguous - a fire due to crew. 39 crew members perished.


The Diesel-electric missile submarine of the project 629А from composition of the Pacific fleet perished the March 8 1968. The Reason to ruins of the boat on present time is not installed, exist three main versions - a flooding the boat through mine RDP and collapse on maximum depth, blast of the hydrogen when charging storage storage battery because of fault of the systems to ventilations, and, finally, collision K-129 with american submarine. The Circumstance to damages of the boat become one of the the most greater riddle of the cold war.


The Atomic missile submarine of the project 627А perished the April 12 1970. The Boat begin emersion on periscopes depth for undertaking communication link, when have entered the reports about simultaneous origin centre fire in two compartments, because of short circuit of the power electrocables. This was a first loss of the soviet atomic fleet.


The Atomic missile submarine from composition of the Pacific fleet perished the June 13 1973. As a result of collisions with research ship " Academician Berg". The Damage of the ball is referred to category "navigational event with heavy consequence". Perished 27 persons, of them 16 officers, 5 warrant officers, 5 sailors, one civil specialist from Leningrad.


The Diesel average submarine of the project 613В from composition of the Pacific fleet perished the October 21 1981. The Reason of the catastrophe became the collision of the boat with RFS "Refrizherator-13". The Commander S-178 captain 3-go rank Marango and starpom RFS-13 Kurdyukov were convict for 10 years each.


The Atomic missile submarine with cruise missile rocket of the project 670А "Slope" from composition 2-y fleets PL Pacific fleet drown June 24 1983. The Reason to damages have described short - a negligence of the crew. Because of недоукомплектованности boat fill up personal composition from five different crews and coast base, nor about what harvonies sailor could not be and speech. Perished 16 sailors.


The Atomic submarine of the project 675 from composition Krasnoznamennogo North fleet, has tolerated the wreckage on June 18 1984. In 8 compartments to appeared the fire, because of short circuit in distributing boards. Liquidating fire, perished 13 crew members, they burys in village Vidyaevo.


The Atomic submarine of the project 667АУ from composition of the North fleet perished the October 6 1986. The Fire has ruined and her(it). The Happened blast, has broken the hermeticity of the strong body. Exist and the other versions happened to damages. The Catastrophe ended the ruin 4-h sailor, in consequence else 2-e have abandoned this world.


The Atomic submarine "Member of komsomol of" project 685 "Fin" from composition 6-y divisions 1-y fleets of the North fleet perished the April 7 1989. The Reason - a fire in two adjacent compartments. They were a ruined systems of the tanks main ballast, through which has occurred flooding the boat outboard by water. The Estimation of the reasons of the catastrophe in different source is vastly differed. The Ruin sailor has served not only fire, but also undercooling.

K-141 - "Kursk"

The Striking submarine "Kursk of" project 949А "Antey" from composition 7-y divisions APL North fleet drown August 12 2000 in the Barents. At the depth 108 metres in point with coordinate 69 40' 00" N and 37 35' 00" E in region of the firing range of combat preparing the North fleet, on distance 85 miles from Murmansk. The Tragedy is covered conjectures, version and variant. The Final conclusion has not yet done nor who. The List death-roll does not end the sailor. This tragedy has carried away the group an officer from staff division and representative to companies "Dagdizeli".

Statistics Damage SUBMARINES
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